Unlocking New Zealand High School Opportunities: Our Upcoming Events in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh

Following the success of our seminar in Phnom Penh in March, where four New Zealand schools presented opportunities for an education in New Zealand at the Sun & Moon Riverside Hotel, we are pleased to announce that we’re organising another trip this October.

This time events will be held in both Siem Reap & Phnom Penh.

Why Choose New Zealand for Education?

When it comes to high-quality education, New Zealand is a destination that often flies under the radar but packs a punch well above its weight. The country’s educational system isn’t just robust; it’s designed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and excellent practical skills. Here’s why New Zealand is turning heads when it comes to international education.

World-Class Academic Standards

New Zealand schools consistently rank among the best in international assessments. The country’s curriculum is research-based, ensuring that you’re not just learning facts but understanding how to apply them. High standards of teaching, coupled with a focus on both academic and extracurricular activities, create a balanced educational experience.

Student-Centric Learning

One of the pillars of New Zealand’s educational philosophy is personalised learning. Schools in New Zealand often have smaller class sizes, ensuring that each student gets adequate attention. Teachers are trained to adapt to different learning styles, making education more flexible and tailored to individual needs.

Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity

New Zealand is a melting pot of cultures, and this diversity is reflected in its educational institutions. Students from all corners of the world come to study here, offering a rich cultural exchange. Schools actively promote inclusivity, ensuring every student feels at home, irrespective of their background.

Research and Innovation

New Zealand is a hub for research and innovation. The country invests heavily in these areas, providing students with the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge projects. Whether it’s environmental science, technology, or the arts, you’ll find ample opportunities to expand your horizons.

Future-Ready Skills

The New Zealand curriculum isn’t just about academic excellence; it also focuses on equipping students with skills for the future. Subjects like digital technology are integrated into the curriculum early on, ensuring students are tech-savvy and ready for future challenges.

Safety and Quality of Life

New Zealand is globally recognised for its safe communities and high quality of life. The country’s cities consistently rank among the most liveable in the world, offering an ideal environment for students. Access to healthcare, clean air, and a plethora of outdoor activities make it a great place for holistic development.

So, if you’re considering an overseas education, New Zealand offers an environment where you can not only achieve academic excellence but also grow as a well-rounded individual. It’s no surprise that students from around the globe are turning their sights towards this Pacific gem.

With our upcoming events in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, you have the perfect opportunity to explore what New Zealand has to offer for your educational journey.

About the schools

Aseanz has partnered with seven New Zealand high schools for these events.

Botany Downs Secondary College

Botany Downs Secondary College, located in East Auckland, is a large, multicultural co-educational state school for Years 9 to 13 (ages 13 to 18 years) with almost 1900 students, 170 staff, and a decile rating of 9.

Opened in 2004, we have a modern learning environment that promotes 21st-century competencies.

Our college is founded on the whanau concept, with six “schools within a school” providing for the pastoral care needs of learners.

Green Bay High School

Green Bay High School is a state co-educational secondary school, with approximately 1600 students. Located a 20 minute drive from downtown Auckland and on the edge of the Waitakere Ranges we have the best of both worlds.

Green Bay High School has been serving its community for almost 50 years. We are proud of our successful graduates and strive to develop independent, confident global citizens. We get to know our students and we care about what they need in order to succeed at school.

We have high expectations of our students and ourselves. Teaching is relevant, visible and inquiry-based. Students are taught to solve real-life problems and work collaboratively.

Liston College

Liston College, a medium-sized Year 7 to Year 13 Catholic Boy’s School in Auckland, enrols students aged 11 to 18 from around the globe. Conveniently located near transport links and just 20 minutes from the city centre, the school has a rich history in educating International Students, preparing them for university and tertiary study. As a high-achieving institution in both academics and sports, our dedicated teachers focus on each student’s needs, ensuring a supportive learning environment.

We pride ourselves on year-on-year academic results that compete with New Zealand’s most prominent schools, with many students gaining entry to prestigious universities. Above all, we strive to create a community where students feel safe, happy, and engaged, easing their transition to life in New Zealand.

Rosehill College

Rosehill College, Auckland, New Zealand has shaped and influenced the lives of young men and women since 1970. A proud co-educational College that is committed to providing a high-quality educational environment that will ensure that every student will be successful and strive to gain academic excellence.

Rosehill College is based on traditional values of Respect, Responsibility and Caring with innovative approaches to teaching and learning that are supported by modern information communication technology. It is our intention to produce graduates who are confident, self-reliant, and have self-respect and respect for others.

International students come from all over the world and diversity is a strong focus at Rosehill College. Both domestic and international students enjoy learning about different cultures and believe that this multicultural focus prepares them well for life in the global community. We celebrate our coeducational and bicultural identity and the opportunities presented to establish healthy friendships with people from a diverse range of backgrounds which is Auckland today.

St Dominic’s College

St Dominic’s Catholic College is a Year 7-13 Catholic College for young women, formed within the Dominican tradition.

We support our students to aim for personal excellence in all things, to develop a broad range of interests and talents, to develop strong leadership skills, to challenge themselves and their thinking, and to engage in critical reflection of the world.

Students are supported to grow as confident, resilient, connected young women who will make a difference to their world, and that of the community in which they live.

Wellington High School

Wellington High School, located in the nation’s capital city, is a coeducation, learning-focused campus in the heart of Wellington City.

We celebrate diversity and invite you to be the best person you can be. Our school is non-selective and invites students with a wide range of skills and abilities.

We provide inclusive education through effective teaching, and the use of technologies, to develop lifelong, independent learning.

Our students are creative and inquiring, and we encourage them to develop individual responsibility and self-management.

Student-teacher relationships are mutually respectful and discipline is firm, friendly and fair.

Westlake Girls High School

Westlake Girls High School is a large, successful school located on the North Shore of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. Our vision for our student graduates is that they are confident, robust, optimistic citizens equipped for global success. We value compassion, respect, integrity, fairness, and excellence.

At Westlake Girls High School, we have a school community that inspires and challenges all students to develop their personal identity, strengths, academic potential, values, and leadership abilities. We offer a wide range of academic pathways and leadership opportunities. Our outstanding sports and music programmes are among the best in New Zealand.

About the events

The Siem Reap event will be held at the Park Hyatt on Friday October 6 at 6.30pm.

The Phnom Penh event will be held at the Sun & Moon Riverside Hotel on Sunday October 8th at 3.30pm.

Scholarship Offers: Each high school is providing a scholarship with 30% off tuition fees. Explore these opportunities to make your education more affordable.

Door Prize: Everyone attending will be automatically entered for a chance to win a specially curated New Zealand-themed gift.

Known globally for educational excellence, New Zealand offers international students a well-supported study environment and the chance to engage with our multicultural society.

Join us in Cambodia this October, to uncover all that New Zealand’s high schools have to offer. Please book one ticket per person in your group. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you take the next step in your educational journey.

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