Executive Team

Our Executive Team

David Pearson

David is an accomplished finance and business executive, recognised for his extensive experience across the Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia. His rich professional portfolio spans diverse industries, including Fintech, Property Development, and Aviation, underlining his versatile approach to business strategy and development.

In Singapore, David took the helm as the CFO of a global aviation-focused enterprise. His tenure marked a period of comprehensive oversight and strategic development, honing skills that continue to drive his career forward.

His time in Cambodia saw him as a crucial contributor to the Royal Group of Companies, a major conglomerate, in roles that embraced financial stewardship to business development and M&A.

Returning to New Zealand, David, as a Chartered Accountant, offered his expertise to businesses of all sizes, guiding them towards growth, profitability, and efficiency. His leadership and profound regional understanding are now channelled into Aseanz’s mission – facilitating seamless business relationships across borders.

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Damon Simms

Damon’s career has seen him wear many hats. 

He kicked off in luxury hospitality in Australia and New Zealand, rapidly climbing the ladder to department head and later, general manager in upscale hotels.

Next, he revitalised and sold a prominent expat news platform in the Philippines, showcasing his knack for digital entrepreneurship. His time in Southeast Asia also included rolling out wide-ranging wireless networks in Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia, sharpening his tech and project oversight expertise.

Before launching Aseanz, Damon was based in Hong Kong, specialising in corporate probes and risk assessment. He later moved to the Philippines to establish a successful marketing agency, offering outsourced services to clientele in Australia and New Zealand. This diverse Asia-Pacific experience has uniquely positioned him as a pivotal force in Aseanz’s strategic expansion and daily operations.

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Aseanz is led by an executive team whose diverse professional backgrounds and in-depth understanding of Southeast Asian and New Zealand markets are a testament to our commitment to provide unparalleled services. David and Damon combine their years of experience, extensive knowledge, and unwavering passion to help businesses navigate complex cross-border challenges and unlock the full potential of international business relationships.

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