International Student Recruitment

International Student Recruitment

Elevate your institution’s international reach with Aseanz. We specialize in facilitating the recruitment of international students, assisting high schools and universities in expanding their global student demographic. We don’t just connect institutions with potential students; we cultivate relationships and provide comprehensive support to ensure successful recruitment outcomes.

Our Approach

At Aseanz, our approach is a blend of strategic planning, cultural understanding, and on-the-ground execution. We navigate the complexities of global student recruitment, providing you with a full wrap-around service from coordinating informational events for prospective students, managing in-country agent relationships, to offering advice on overcoming cultural challenges.

Key Services

Recruitment Event Coordination

Planning & organising informational events, offering students insight into your institution.

Agent Relationship Management

Building and maintaining productive relationships with in-country agents to streamline the recruitment process.


Providing cultural insights and strategies to overcome any hurdles in the student recruitment process.


Providing end-to-end support for institutions, helping them navigate the complexities of student recruitment.

Marketing Strategy Development

Crafting bespoke marketing strategies that resonate with your target demographic across multiple platforms.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Ensuring your recruitment processes align with international education regulations and standards.

Why choose Aseanz as your recruitment partner?

Unleash the potential of your institution by opening doors to international students. At Aseanz, we are not just facilitators; we are your partners in this journey, striving to enhance the global reach of your institution while ensuring each student’s smooth transition into their educational journey. Let’s broaden horizons together.